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Systems And Instructions
Address Id Date File
The Restrictions Imposed Upon the Electronic Account’s Opening for the Securities’ Trading 166/م 2022-09-21 pdf
The Decision No 95M The Directives of the Anonymous Joint Stock Companies' Purchasing of Their Issued Securities The Treasury Securities 95/م 2022-06-20 pdf
The Decision No (60)/M Which is Related to the Restrictions on the Activities of the Financial Analysis, the Consultancies’ Submitting and the Related Securities’ Information’s Analyzing and Publishing 60/م 2022-03-27 pdf
Charges Act for SCFMS 91+ 60/و 2021-03-15 pdf
The Directives of Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing in securities' Transactions and Their Changes 2020-12-24 pdf
The Board of Commissioners' Decision (78 / M) was issued on 22/07/2020, which includes instructions for activating the online trading service 78/م 2020-07-27 pdf
The Decision No (71)/M Dated on 13/5/2019 and its Changes that Includes; “ The Directives for Accrediting Natural Persons at the Licensed Financial Services and Intermediary Companies and Their Changes 71/م 2020-07-19 pdf
the Specific Directives of the phone Callings’ recording System at the Financial Services and Intermediary Companies 147/م 2019-09-26 pdf
Specific Directives of the Back Office System at the Financial Services and Intermediary Companies 148/م 2019-09-18 pdf
A system for disclosure and transparency of bodies subject to the supervision and control of the Securities and Financial Markets Authority 110 2019-04-25 pdf
- The system of auditors of entities subject to the supervision of the Securities and Financial Markets Authority 300 2018-12-10 pdf
Instructions for the rules of suspending and freezing services and financial intermediation companies 51/م 2015-04-14 pdf
Instructions for the rules of suspending and freezing services and financial intermediation companies which includes adding a number of licensed activities 22/م 2014-04-26 pdf
The Directives of the Securities' Fractions Resulted from the Nominal Value Change 50/م 2012-09-09 pdf
Amending the instructions for trading in unlisted securities 50/م 2011-12-29 pdf
Investment Funds Act. /11679/م.و 2011-08-18 pdf
A system for trading and listing private closed joint stock companies 60/م 2011-05-10 pdf
The Directives of the Securities Split and Merger 49/م 2011-04-07 pdf
Licensing procedures for representative branches and offices of service and financial intermediation companies 41م 2011-03-01 pdf
Changing the Dealing Directives in the Priority Rights for Subscription 38/م 2011-03-01 pdf
Trading instructions for minors. 29/م 2011-02-10 pdf
Mediator procedures in the event of the client's death. 63/م 2010-07-05 pdf
The Verification and Execution Act 66/م 2010-05-25 pdf
Corporate Governance Act 31/م 2008-06-29 pdf
Codes of Professional Conducts for the Employees of Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities. 4/م 2007-03-14 pdf
Instructions for Securities Registration at the Syrian Commission on Financial Markets & Securities 3/م 2007-01-28 pdf
Securities Issuing and Offering Act 3945 2006-08-28 pdf
Regulations For Accrediting Auditors of Entities Controlled and Supervised By The SCFMS 3946 2006-08-28 pdf
Licensing Regulations and Rules Of Practice For Financial Services and Intermediary Companies 3942 2006-08-28 pdf
Defining the Date for the Companies' Shareholders' Acquiring for Their Priority Rights in Subscription in the Increasing Securities 99/م 2010-10-28 pdf
Exempting the Banks from Submitting the Document of the 97/م 2010-10-17 pdf
Dealing Directives Between Intermediaries and Their Clients. 68/م 2009-08-05 pdf
Foreign Investment 583/م ن 2009-08-05 pdf

Brokerage Firms