Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

the commissioners administrative structure is built on number of  departments and offices that are connected  to the chairman as follows:

1. The Secretariat of the Council

The Secretary of the Board:

  1. Organizing and coordinating the work and meetings of the Board of Commissioners and the organization of the minutes of its meetings and the preparation and follow-up implementation
  2. Follow-up implementation of the instructions and directives issued by the Board of Commissioners to the directorates and departments of the Authority.
  3.  Do any act or take any task assigned to it by the President of the Board of Commissioners or Board of Commissioners.


2 - The Office of the chairman of the board.

The Chairman of the Council is managed by the Office of Administrative Officer is available has the experience and works to:

  1.   Receive messages and incoming transactions related to the chairman of the Council.
  2.   Organizing interviews the chairman of the Council and the preparation of minutes of meetings, except meetings of the Board of Commissioners.
  3.   Coordinate schedules and meetings of the chairman of the Council.


3 - The Office of Internal Auditing Directorate

Of the most important functions of the Directorate this topic:

  1.  to set up Annual audit programs to evaluate the adequacy of the systems for the work of all directorates and departments of the Commission, and reporting on audits.
  2.  Ensure that the employees of the Authority the application of laws, regulations, instructions and decisions related to them and match the administrative and financial operations of the laws and regulations in force.
  3. Facilitate the task of external auditors and inspectors to reply to all inquiries.
  4. To notify the Board of Commissioners immediately of any irregularities detected during the audit and call for the need to report them.
  5.  Examine and audit the expenses of the Authority before the exchange.


4 - The Directorate of Studies and Research and Awareness

These consist of two circles are the Directorate of Studies and Research and the Department of outreach and external relations. Attached to this Directorate Library Commission. M and most important task of this topic Directorate:

  1.  Study plans and programs, policies, laws and government regulations and their impact is expected in the stock market, and propose development.
  2. Preparation of studies on ways to develop the financial and securities markets in Syria.
  3.  Periodicals and pamphlets relating to the Authority, and media programs that reflect the activity of the Authority and ensure their publication in various media.
  4.  Preparation, coordination and preparation for conferences, seminars, and organize interviews.
  5.  Assess the relationship with the organizations and regional and global bodies suggest ways to take advantage of programs and events held by these organizations.
  6.  Development agreements with internal and external, and organize the exchange of official visits with her.
  7. Follow-up threads from the Arab and international organizations regarding the development work of the Commission and the market.
  8.  Perform all duties of supervising the library.


5 - The Directorate of Inspection and Control

Follow these three departments of the Directorate: Department of Control of the Damascus Stock Exchange, and the Department of control service companies and financial intermediaries operating in the Damascus Stock Exchange, and the Department of Control of joint-stock companies. The functions of the Directorate include:

  1. Exercise control over all entities subject to the supervision of the authority and access to records and records and obtain copies of them to ensure its compliance with laws, regulations and instructions in force an examination of rates of ownership in companies, and follow up rumors that have an impact on the price of any securities and study the deviation in the price of any securities.
  2. Conduct any investigation or inspection or without prior notice to determine if any of those mentioned above have committed a violation or has taken preparatory measures to the offense and to propose measures or appropriate sanctions on them, and then refer systematic violation to the Directorate of Legal Affairs and the follow-up.
  3. Field visits to all financial services companies to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  4. Make sure that all joint stock companies, mutual funds, financial services companies, service companies and the Association of Financial Intermediation, Investors Protection Fund and the Settlement Guarantee Fund Regulations, directives and laws.


6 -  The Directorate Issuance, licensing and disclosure

Follow the circular motion of the Directorate: Issue Department and disclosure of stock companies, and the Department of Licensing and disclosure of corporate services and financial intermediation, and the functions of the Directorate include:

  1. Receive applications for the issuance of shares or other securities and study and study bulletins issued, and ensure compliance with the regulations in force and submit proposals thereon.
  2. Receive requests for the establishment and licensing companies, and brokerage services and open branches and study them and make sure those companies to meet all the requirements and documents provided for in the regulations in force, both in terms of the requirements of qualified human or material, and to recommend them.
  3. Study and monitor the situation of companies facing substantial emergency conditions or changes affecting the structure or its financial position, including the restructuring of capital, merger, liquidation and make appropriate recommendations thereon.
  4.  Adoption of the inspectors, the accounts of companies controlled by the regulations adopted by it in this regard.
  5. Licensing of investment funds and track their status.


7 - The Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs

This Directorate is composed of two circles: Department of Administration and Finance Department. Attached to this Directorate Office of the guard. The functions of the Directorate as follows:

  1.  Follow-up and supervision of the administrative aspects of the daily functioning of the directorates and departments of the Authority.
  2. Access to all internal and external correspondence, circulars, decisions, and to inquire about any ambiguities and make the necessary correction in coordination with the directorates concerned.
  3. Transmission of communications received from companies and related disclosure of essential and important events to urgent and emergency departments and relevant copy to the President.
  4. Financial reporting to the Council periodically and when needed.
  5. Raise the annual budget to the Council after making sure that prepared according to the assets in light of the financial policy of the Authority, as well as study and make appropriate proposals to invest the surplus funds and the development of its revenues.
  6.  Make sure to secure the needs of the staff recruitment procedures and follow-up according to regulations, instructions, and sure to provide the necessary services for these employees to ensure the orderly conduct of the work.


8 - The Directorate of Legal Affairs, implementation and follow-up

Follow the circular motion of the Directorate are the Department of Legal Affairs and the Department of Implementation and follow-up, and the functions of the Directorate as follows:

  1. Propose ways to address the problems and legal difficulties.
  2. You may raise the violations to the President of the Council with appropriate recommendations.
  3. Choose one of the staff of the Directorate to represent and pursue the things of the concerned parties.
  4. Submit proposals and studies related to the development of the Directorate to the President of the Council.


9 -     The Directorate of Systems and Information

The Directorate is working on network systems management information to the Authority and updated to cope with technical developments and progress of the work of the Commission, in addition to providing ongoing support to all directorates and departments of the Authority.


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