Number Date
تعليمات مكافحة غسل الاموال وتمويل الارهاب في معاملات الاوراق المالية 85/م 2017-06-15
Charges Act for SCFMS 63/و 2017-01-12
The Directives of the Securities' Fractions Resulted from the Nominal Value Change 50 2012-09-09
Changing the Dealing Directives in the Priority Rights for Subscription 23 2012-04-09
Investment Funds Act. 11679 2011-08-15
The Verification and Execution Act 66 2011-05-25
The Directives of Purchasing of the Joint – Stock Companies' Issued Securities 56 2011-05-01
The Directives of the Securities Split and Merger 49 2011-04-07
Dealing Directives in the Priority Rights for Subscription 38 2011-03-01
The Licensing Procedures for the Financial Services and Intermediary Companies' Related Representative Offices and Branches 41 2011-03-01
Dealing Directives in Securities for the Minors' Account 29 2011-02-10
Defining the Date for the Companies' Shareholders' Acquiring for Their Priority Rights in Subscription in the Increasing Securities 99 2010-10-28
Exempting the Banks from Submitting the Document of the "Feasibility Study" when they are in the Process of Increasing Their Capitals to the Minimum Limits According to the Provisions of Law No /3/ for the year 2010 97 2010-10-17
Foreign Investment 538/MN/B4 2009-08-05
Dealing Directives Between Intermediaries and Their Clients. 68 2009-05-25
An equivalent Decision for the Certified Professional and Arabic Accountant Certificate. 6 2009-01-26
licensing Act Update in The First Paragraph 3497 2008-08-07
Corporate Governance Act 31 2008-06-29
Modifying Article (4C) of the Licensing Regulations for Financial Services and Intermediary Companies No./3942/ of 2006 185 2008-01-17
Codes of Professional Conducts for the Employees of Syrian Commission on Financial Markets and Securities. 4 2007-03-14
Instructions for Securities Registration at the Syrian Commission on Financial Markets & Securities 3 2007-01-28
Regulations For Accrediting Auditors of Entities Controlled and Supervised By The SCFMS 3944 2006-08-28
Disclosure Instructions Act for The Entities Subject to Supervision of The Commission 3943 2006-08-28
Licensing Regulations and Rules Of Practice For Financial Services and Intermediary Companies 3942 2006-08-28
The Executive Regulations For The Law of SCFMS 3946 2006-08-28
Securities Issuing and Offering Act 3945 2006-08-28
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