Disclosures Issuers
Preliminary Final 1st Quarter Semi-Annual 3rd Quarter Urgent General Assembly annual report
Solidarity Insurance Company - -- -- -
Damascus Cargo Village
شام للصرافة – قيد التحويل لشركة مساهمة مغفلة خاصة - -- -
Al Adham Foreign Exchange
United Group JSC - -

Amrit Co. for Tourist Investment & Development
Syria Gulf Bank S.A.
Byblos Bank Syria s.a.
Brokerage firms

The Syrian Financial Services and Intermediary Companies that are listed in the Stock Exchange reach the Number (7) dated of today.



In case the broker’s portfolio matches in a transaction with a client’s, the client shall be informed thereof in writing or via a recorded phone call. – Regulations for Dealing between Brokers and Clients –

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